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Mali and Boulder had their first litter together on 8.6-8.7-2017. I'm really excited about this pairing. They should be really great athletes for sport, herding and companion dogs. Mali is a Chalula/Hydro daughter. Her full littermate is Kathmandu who is in training and competing with Andrea Rigler. Kathmandu regularly performs at Purina farms and is also qualified for the 2017 Skyhoundz World Championship in Freestyle. Mali's older brother, Hunter, owned by Jeff Stanaway is also qualified in Distance and Accuracy for the same event. Andrea also has Mali's big sister, Darcy, who performs at Purina farms and has just taken a liking to Kayaking! Nepal, Mali's other littermate, is in training with Danielle Etzel and has competed in disc dog events this year with Danielle. I compete with Mali's older brother, Jack and sister, Tootsie both who are qualified in 6 games each for the UpDog International Finals. Mali plays disc here at home and is helping to perfect her "Yachi" method when I'm home to play with her. Many of her other siblings are great herding dogs, like Jack, Darcy and her littermate,Kenya. Niece and nephews, Rye, Angus and Chuckie are all qualified in multiple games for the UpDog International finals. Her mom, Chalula, is still with me and loves to get out there with the sheep and chase a ball at 12 years old. Boulder the father of these pups,loves disc too. He is light as a feather when he does his dog catch in my arms. twist, flip, leg vaults overs, weaves. Oh I forgot to say, he's really good at herding. Boulder loves to hit the water too. Boulder's sister, Katie, just had a litter earlier this year. Some pups went for service dogs, some for sport. Mali had decided she wanted to have her pups in my Closet. so the first born was born in the closet and therefore has the name Closet!!! That's the theme for this litter, items in my closet for eight puppies!!!

To Parents:

Sire: Boulder

Birth Date: 05/01/2013


Sire: Reddin Rowdy    Dam: Big Sky Rebel

Dam: Mali

Birth Date: 10/23/2014


Sire: Hydro    Dam: Chalula


Red and white female

Red and white male

Red and white Tri male

Minimal white and red male.

Minimal white and red male

Minimal white and red tri male

Closet will be staying with Maggie Elliott McNabs